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To provide an on-line resource for information about 9 carat gold jewellery.
To provide a UK-wide accessible product, styles and stock catalogue, available to lovers of quality jewellery, and also to other jewellers.

We have tried to keep our visual and technical design clean and simple. We are always interested in feedback and suggestions to improve it.

Most of the images we use on our site are taken in-house using a Ricoh 300Z digital camera.
The jewellery we sell always looks better in the flesh than in our photographs. As a small independent company, we concentrate on offering our customers high quality, good value products, rather than high quality photographs!
For those interested in technical details, it only produces an image size of 640 x 480, but we believe this is sufficient for internet use. For reproduction on site, we usually reduce most of the images to a width of 240 pixels, so it should take up 37.5% of a screen set to 640 x 480, or 30% of 800 x 600.
We also reduce the colour depth from 16 million to 256, to try to keep file sizes small, or download times fairly fast, whilst still providing a quality image. Depending on your modem speed, line connection, etc., most of our pictures should take about 10 to 20 seconds to download. We believe this provides a reasonable compromise.
In a few cases, we have made "big pictures" available by selecting a link from an existing page, so you can see more details of the items which particularly interest you.
Let us know if you find this useful.

Please do not use any of our images without our prior permission.
Although most of the images on our site are taken in-house with our own camera, some are used by us with the permission of others.
A number of images are ©1999 by Stubbs & Co. All rights reserved.

As stated, we use a Ricoh 300Z. This is a low to mid priced camera, about 400 in the UK, but only $400 in the USA. This of course means that we British are getting ripped off as usual by about 40% after allowing for VAT.
Our reason for selecting this particular model is its very close minimum focusing distance of 1cm. This allows to photograph even the smallest coins, and get a full screen image size. As any keen photographer knows, getting enough of the right light onto the subject is another matter.
The camera is also intelligent enough to try to compensate for light colour temperature, but it certainly does not work perfectly. We mainly use a white background, so you can judge for yourself how successful the correction has been, and also what colour the subject actually is.
Unfortunately, when taking pictures of jewellery so close up, the "depth of field" suffers, and there is also some "close up" distortion, making the centre appear bigger, not to mention getting enough light onto the subject. The solution to this seems to be spending about 6500 on a digital 35mm camera (I suppose these are 40% less anywhere else in the world too!). We aren't quite ready to do this yet!
Theoretically, with existing technology, it should be possible to produce such cameras for about 100 over the standard 35mm price, but I guess that the manufacturers want to make a few megabucks out of us all first!

Image Size
Because we resize most of our pictures to the same size, and also because computer screen sizes and resolutions vary, it's difficult to show life sizes accurately.
We will try to include size information where necessary. If you are unsure about size of any product, please contact us for further details.

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