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For Release 9:00 AM
September 13, 1999

We heard the news about catalogue showroom Argos offering a 300 TV set for 3 by mistake on its internet website!
We can't quite match this, but perhaps we can do even better.
Apparently Argos received many orders for its TV set mistakenly priced at 2.99 instead of 299.99. Understandably, it refused to honour the orders it received. All the customers must surely have realised that it was a mistake.
We can't afford to give away 300 gold chains to every customer for 3, but...

...we will do the next best thing:-
Every second order will receive their chain or bracelet at the 3 price. To be more accurate, they will receive a refund of 297.

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Lawrence Chard

P.S. We have no objection to supplying journalists. You're very welcome to try us out!

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